MedX is a medical device company that specializes in improving the patient experience. Last year, MedX successfully launched a first generation connected pill bottle in the US and Europe and a corresponding mobile app aimed to address medication adherence.


Through cloud-based infrastructure, the smart bottle tracks if a pill was removed. When a pill is not removed from the bottle, then the app sends a push notification to the patient to remind them to take their medication.


There is currently one setting that can be personalized by the user, which is the ability to set the time of day that the pill needs to be dispensed prior to triggering a push notification.


Several of MedX’s competitors are in the process of developing similar smart pill bottles. This has raised concerns in MedX's C-Suite on how to remain competitive in this space.

Deloitte has been engaged to develop a revised customer experience journey to understand opportunities for expansion. Several priorities have already been shared by the CTO, including:

  • Upgrading the app with new features outside of push notifications 
  • Engaging with additional stakeholders who would benefit from this data
  • Improving the customer support services, which is currently limited to a 1-800 support line
  • Customer reviews indicate that the app crashes frequently and has limited features
  • Site was prone to identity theft a few years ago
  • MedX is open to the possibility of redesigning the webpage/app for the smart pill bottle to improve customer support functionality
  • MedX is looking to reach additional markets in Asia and South America
  • Low conversion rates: Only 15% of users who visit the site actually buy products


Patients, doctors, and employees have been using the legacy MedX SmartPill Bottle system for the past several years. MedX is interested in rolling out a new patient portal but is concerned that a short timeline to get them acquainted with the new system may be a risk. MedX also wants to prepare doctors and employees for the new patient portal.

Club Co. has asked Deloitte to help assess each option and determine how lucrative each would be.