Our client (the Agency) provides benefits to a large and diverse customer set with a mission to deliver benefits and services that meet the changing needs of the public. The Agency provides direct payments to nearly 65 million U.S. citizens every year of varying age and socio-economic background.


The Agency provides financial and other forms of assistance to veterans, those with disabilities, the orphaned, the elderly, and those with financial hardships. The Agency oversees a broad variety of programs including: payment distribution, fund management, records management, claims adjudication, and benefits education.


The Agency is comprised of six departments. Each major geographic region in the U.S. is served by a regional office with subordinate state and local field offices. Each department has representatives at the regional office level, but not in all subordinate offices. Each of the Agency’s main departments fosters its own unique and long-standing organizational culture, while further sub-cultures have developed within each of the regional field offices. Lateral communication among department leaders is rare, which lessens the effectiveness of Agency-wide initiatives.


Over the next 10 years, the Agency faces a major expansion in its number of customers. To address this increased demand for services, the Agency’s Strategy Office is building a long-term 10-year vision. This 10-year vision will enable the Agency and its workforce to be well-positioned to continue providing exceptional service and to meet delivery expectations for current and future generations of customers.

Deloitte has been asked to help the Agency’s top leaders formulate the 10-year vision using both qualitative as well as quantitative analytics and build a strategic roadmap to achieve the Agency’s goals. Deloitte has also been asked to develop a change management strategy that helps institutionalize the goals of the 10-year vision within the Agency and its workforce culture.