Our client is the Organizing Board (OB) of the Extreme Athlete World Summer Games.


  • Business situation
  • Problem statement

The Extreme Athlete World Summer Games will be held in Los Angeles in four years. The World Games will showcase 7,000 athletes across 24 sports and will attract an estimated 500,000 spectators from across the globe. These sports will take place across eight venues in Los Angeles and will have a significant charitable component – tickets will only be sold for the opening ceremony.

The OB was recently established and currently has no cash. Short-term external financing will be necessary, especially given the Board will ramp up to approximately 160 full-time staff over the next three years. Currently, Deloitte is working with the CEO and COO to help develop the four-year budget and strategic business plan.

Club Co. has asked Deloitte to help assess each option and determine how lucrative each would be.